Video Cropping

14 09 2008

So, I have a few files which have letterboxes above and below – this is the term used for the black border above and below the actual video content. I obviously want to remove these for some strange reason (probably thinking that the video may get skewed when played back on some other device – which I dont have as yet).

I usually use this freeware called Virtualdub and this other one called VirtualDubMod. You can google and get a link for it. So this one website says I HAVE TO RE-ENCODE videos and cannot just crop it. I tried out a few softwares – one solely for MPEG1 files – which didnt work on my MPEG4 files. Finally I go back to my old ways and re-encode the whole video 😦

So, just in case I forget, here’s how to do it
Open the video in VirtualDub. (or VirtualDubMod)Audio>Direct Stream Copy (only in VirtualDub, not needed in Mod)
Video>Full Processing Mode
Add Null transform
Click and Drag the edges (you dont need to change the numbers in the X and Y fields)
Open the file in GSpot Codec Information (packaged with KLITE MEGA CODEC PACK)
See the bit-rate for video
In VirtualDub Select Video>Compression>Xvid MPEG4
Set bitrate = what is from Gspot (this may be wrong – I am removing data, so bitrate should be lower)
Then just save, save save, and save




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