Blue border around desktop icons

15 09 2008

The icons on my desktop (Windows XP) suddenly started to get a blue border – and the text was also highlighted. The image alongside is what it looked like. Of course, I dont want this. When I googled, I found only two solutions
1. Right click on Desktop>Arrange Icons By>Lock Web Items on Desktop – this should be unchecked
2. Start>Right click on “My Computer”> Properties> Advanced> Settings (under performance)> (The Last but one thing – “Use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop”) Should be checked.

I tried both these, but still the problem persisted.
What I did was this
1. Right Click on desktop
2. Properties
3. Desktop Tab (where you change the wallpaper)
4. Customize desktop (at the base of the wallpaper list)
5. Web – TAB
6. You should not have anything checked here. In my case there was a website which was checked. I removed this, save, save, save and problem solved

“Aaah, what a fine day for (computer) science”




7 responses

29 10 2008

lot of thanks dear, it solved my problem

8 12 2008

Thank you for this. I too had this suddenly happen, and couldn’t work out how to fix it – was driving me crazy!!!

6 04 2010

THANK YOU! Like you, I searched all over but none of the other solutions worked. It’s funny how such a small thing can get so annoying.

15 12 2011

Worked like a charm – thanks a lot!

24 04 2012

how can i remove it on windows 7?

26 05 2012
Joshua T

I followed all the steps yet nothing was checked to begin with. Someone help

8 03 2014
Legend Humphrey

Solved. Great thanks

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