Linux Install Fest

19 09 2008

Although I am strictly against the whole concept of Open-source, I still played along and installed Ubuntu 8.04 on a few systems today. Among the fun things was the way it was installed – Wuby – you put in the cd in windows, it autoruns, creates some space on the same partition and installs… nice and neat… (but its still using windows and therefore, windows is still superior)

Among the problems that were successfully solved
1. Dell XPS comp had a bluetooth mouse – needed to register it as bounded
2. Dell XPS comp with vista did not recognize CD drive – removed something from registry and it worked
3. grub’s menu.lst was gone… reinstalled
4. Swap file got corrupted I guess.. .renamed swap.disk to swap.diskk and it worked
5. In many cases, the graphical interface to change the ip address and other network settings did not work… Was forced to do it in command line
sudo ifconfig eth0 <ipaddress> netmask <netmask>
sudo route add default gw <default gateway>

1. Dell XPS comp with Nvidia 8600 graphics card could not get proper drivers

So, there are still a few things to be ironed out in Linux…




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