The fastest fix

13 11 2008

So, I come back after having gone out to see that my comp loads the hiberfile.sys and then just stops… does this twice.. me bored… restart – delete restoration data and continue… Problem starts

Windows complains that system32/drivers/pci.sys is corrupt or not found. Asks me to put in the windows cd and repair

My first thought was that something might have gone wrong with the lan card… i had left the adsl modem on by mistake…

Anyways, lets play along… so i put in the windows cd… it doesnt even start loading files… goes to the starting blue screen and complains that some .c file caught an error… OMG… I am really bored to do this now

So, the next option was to boot into an old ubuntu install 7.10… stupid thing gives a kernel panic… the worst part being that the actual error is somewhere on top of the scrolled screen

Next, try ubuntu live cd (new version – relatively)… that thing goes to the first screen… then i ask it to go to live cd mode and it gives another kernel panic…

meanwhile i try out the lan cable with my laptop and after the first time – when it didnt work for some strange reason, the second time, it works

I google and see… the first result seems to have the exact same problem, but then i found that his cd issue was because it wasnt looking at the cd during the boot sequence…

I am bored again and just for the heck of it do a memory scan – ubuntu scan (this is after the recovery mode also gives a kernel panic)… now memory scan starts throwing up errors

Yet another thing is that the windows startup does three things
1. Pci error
2. Some anpnp or something like that error
3. Does nothing

So, I open up the comp… touch and push the pci lan card into its slot and do the same to the memory cards too

And then it just starts working

Oh well…




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