iMovie is crazy

25 07 2009

So, there were these kids who were making a movie on a MAC – using iMovie. They wanted to import some video shot using some camcorder. Problem – iMovie only imports a few formats – very few – 4 to be exact… I like the number, but in my opinion this very very bad 😦

I was requested to convert the movie from MPEG2 to something that it could import. Initially I tried with  my standard stuff… you know Virtual Dub and Virtual Dub Mod… but the darn thing just wouldn’t take it in… even though the video could play properly on the MAC

So, I searched… and came up (MPEG Stream Clip)… neat free software. Converts to whatever iMovie imports. I used avi with Apple JPEG compression. It could import (DV didnt work. MP4 worked)… but then, the sound wouldnt (it was mp3)… so, the thing that finally worked was an avi container with Apple JPEG compression for the video and UNCOMPRESSED PCM sound (OMG!)

This just adds on to my growing decrease of respect for the MAC… first Apple expects you to PAY for the iPhone SDK… and then they make such a fuss about how easy their softwares are… yeah, I guess things get easy when they import just FOUR formats!

Compare this to Vegas… it’ll probably import EVERYTHING under the sun! Man I like Windows! 🙂




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