29 07 2009

EWS – is exchange web-service. Its a nice little way for ANY application to communicate with an exchange server and do stuff…

How it does it manage to work with ANY application? Why SOAP of-course! Its just basic XML, so anyone can parse it, even me 🙂

So, if you have an exchange powered Outlook Web Access page, you need to navigate to  https://<your_web_site>/ews/service.asmx

This is basically the service that is used to do stuff. You can add a web-reference to this in your project. But remember, the Exchange server binding must be to /ews/exchange.asmx … I made this mistake today and got an exception with HTML TAGS IN IT!! Cool na? 🙂

Now, Push Notification. Email is usually pulled – meaning that the website or email client queries the server to check if there is any new mail. It does this a lot of times and in most cases, there is no new mail 😦 awwwww….

Push mail to the rescue. What you need is a web-service endpoint on your side. (I think the iPhone has this! WOW! or maybe they are doing something else). You register with the exchange server and tell it your end-point. As soon as it receives a mail or something happens in your email space, you will get a cute notification 🙂 so, YOU get told when the mail comes as and when it comes…  neat huh?

There was a small issue that I had. Too bored to write here. Check the msdn forums. I actually found a slightly better solution than an official M$ guy who works on Exchange and even wrote the book on EWS! I feel all happy happy 🙂




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