~ a cool new feature in Matlab

18 01 2010

I just noticed this recently. In Matlab, you can now say [~, b] = somefunction(input);
What that basically does is that it tells the function that whatever is the first argument that it returns, the caller is not interested in it at all… So, you dont need to use those temporary or waste variables now. A similar thing applies to inputs/parameters to a function too… check it out.




3 responses

19 01 2010
Scott Hirsch

Thanks for the feedback on this new feature. I love how simple and elegant it is.

Just curious – how did you discover this feature? I’m always trying to figure out how to best help users learn about the new things in MATLAB that they may find useful.

19 01 2010

I guess I found it in quite a few places… but the first time was when I looked up the new features in R2009B. Other than that, there is this blog “Steve’s Image Processing Blog” that I subscribe to. The ~ feature was highlighted there too. I must say – Great Work!

20 01 2010

I just remembered… I first used this when Matlab auto-suggested replacing a variable I wasnt using with the ~… it even game me a button “Fix” 🙂

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