Why use Power DVD at all?

18 01 2010

So with my new laptop, I got Windows Media Center and with it, Cyberlink Power DVD… now I usually just use Windows Media Player to manage my library and even listen to / view movies, so I wasn’t convinced of why I would have to use Power DVD… but then the nicest thing happened. I put in a movie DVD the other day and Media Center started all by itself and then PowerDVD played the movie for me. I kinda liked the interface – it lets you switch on subtitles, audio language etc very easily (no need to go back to the DVD menu each time)… but the best thing was when I tried to play the same movie in Windows Media Player and noticed that it wasnt full screen. It so happens that Power DVD has a patented technology that automatically sizes up the movie to fit your full screen (no smaller letterboxes in some cases… none in other) Kinda neat! But if you want to see something funny, head over to their website. In the pictures they use to describe this, the expanded version has MORE DATA (it has the head of a rhinoceros or some animal) while the original one did not… I guess you cant really ‘demo’ the product using just pics 🙂




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