Recently Added playlist WMP12

25 01 2010

So, lets say you’re all happy that you are a PC and you’re running Widows 7… but then you open Windows Media Player and are extremely dejected coz they removed the “Recently Added” playlist…. OMG! What was M$ thinking! But dont worry… they are nice people.

On the top pane, “Organize>Streams>Create Playlist” thinge, click on the tiny down arrow after “Create Playlist”… “Create auto playlist”… Give it a nice name and for the first condition, select “Date Added” – “Is After” “Last 30 days”… Save.

Cool… so once again for those search engines, thats how you get back the recently added playlist on Windows Media Player 12

Oh BTW, Office 2007 was Office 12… but since 13 was a “controversial” number, Office 2010 will be Office 14 🙂




One response

17 01 2011

Thanks for this !

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