12 10 2010

OK, as you’ve probably guessed from my posts, I LOVE Visual Studio!! But for small testing type code, I usually use Developer C++ (the last version out is a beta and its quite old), but it supports non-project type standalone C/C++ code. After my introduction to Java (I was first introduced and then started introducing) I was mainly sticking to the “baby” IDE called DrJava. Sometimes used gedit directly. But Netbeans… Oh My God! Netbeans! Its awesome! Just like VS in many ways and so the migration was nice and smooth. I did use it a long time ago (like 2 yrs ago) for a project on my Nokia mobile phone – used the J2ME framework et al. It all started when I wanted a nice auto-completing IDE for that coding thinge. Now the way automated judge servers work (coding thinge), you usually just need a single non-project based IDE. But I WANT AUTO-COMPLETE. So I decided to try Netbeans anyway. Turns out its quite simple and I just realized (like three words ago) that the same thing applies to VS too.

Create a project (wait, don’t freak out yet)… patiently… then start coding. Once you’re done, test it – yes, use the cute GUI debugger… and once you’ve convinced yourself that your program is absolutely flawless, head over to the src directory within the project folder. And sitting there, the lone .java file is all you need. You may want to open it up, remove that package line and maybe rename the file from to something nice. PS:Remember to rename the main class within the file too.

Oh and the way some frameworks work – like thrift or slf4j – you just get the latest .jar files (compile if you need to), and just add one jar file for each dependency directly to the project. Right click on Libraries->Add something something. Just the way I like it – NO TEXT.




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