Minimize Skype but dont miss a missed call

28 12 2010

In the good old days, Skype would minimize to the system tray (that area with the clock and volume control n stuff) and NOT take up space on the taskbar (that area with the start button and which lists all open windows). But the first version of Skype for Windows 7 did not do that. They initially argued that staying on the taskbar all the time was THE thing to do – as ordained by M$. Then they changed it.

So now after unticking a checkbox in Skype options, when you minimize it, it goes to the system tray and not the taskbar. Problem – if it was on the taskbar and you got a missed call, you could see a cute little orange thinge overlaid. But skype in the system tray can get hidden. It does have the capability to show you the cute little orange thinge though!

So, right click on the taskbar, properties, “Notificiation Area”-customize – “Skype – Show icon and notifications”. If you think that makes the system tray waaaaay tooo big, on windows 7, you can remove the Action Center – “Only show notifications”. Seriously, how many times do you REALLY need and use the action center?




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