Live Mesh

12 01 2011

So I decided to try out Windows Live Essentials. Live Messenger is really cool – its got facebook integration etc. Problems include not being able to “like” facebook messages, and you cannot play facebook hosted videos directly (youtube, dailymotion and I guess everything else works fine). Nice things include an awesome picture viewer, and really neat interface – along with integrated chat and Live mail. But no gtalk integration – so I cannot switch over just yet – although I really want to leave Gtalk’s old and stale interface behind.

Anyway, the other thing was Live Mesh 2011. Now I guess it started off as a sync utility, but for Vista and Win 7, it gives ANY windows machine remote access capabilities. That is awesome!! Install it on your machine, login via a live account and thats all the configuration. Go to any other machine, login to and your machine should be listed there. Through the browser, you can login and do stuff. The web interface idea is similar to LogMeIn.

The only problem is that the whole thing works on ActiveX on IE. So you cannot use it on a different browser and you also need to install Live essentials / Mesh on the remote system from which you are trying to connect 😦

Maybe silverlight instead?




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