28 12 2010

I’ve tried other things…

Windows Remote Desktop – Only works if your target machine is running a “professional” version of Windows
VNC – You need to install it yourself, and also configure port forwarding on your router. NAT may be a pain.
SSH – Only for Linux. Also needs to be configured beforehand. NAT problems, port forwarding. Remote computer needs to have X capability.
Screen sharing just doesnt do it and there are many many variants of VNC.

Of course, all this is for a graphical interface. I hate command lines. So, LogMeIn. It seems really nice. Advantages

1. You need to install an app on your target machine. But all port forwarding if any is handled behind the scenes (I am guessing there is something else at work here)
2. Its FREE
3. You can login to a website and then login to any of your registered systems that are ON.
4. No app needed on the remote computer. It uses Java or something else. Of course there are standalone versions of VNC available too.

Problem –
Me being paranoid, I dont really know if they are logging into my machine when I’m not looking and doing the most horrendous of things – rating all my music 5 stars 😦




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